Gosh, is my photography contemporary?
Produced today, certainly, but of great classicism. Or would it not be more simply simple photography? We are overwhelmed nowadays by still or animated images and to stand out from the crowd, we must force the style, often in color, while somehow pictorialism with today neo-pictorialism and visual photography. But is it still photography as such? A recurring debate. I do not wish to express my opposition because I really like modern photography enriched in a visual way or digitally and I practice it sometimes (monoliths). No quarrel of styles, no, just a reflection on what we see a lot today in the publications. Or if I ask the question differently, are we talking about images or photographs? And soon, perhaps, a return to more refined forms will again be appreciated after the excesses of (de)saturation, decanting, blurring, overprinting ….




To introduce my series on silence, a reference perhaps? Walker Evans, documentary photography, vernacular are for me important references when we practice «series». But I also do not give up on strong desire for aesthetics (and I did not say that the photos of W. Evans were not aesthetic!). I do everything possible to make my photographs a two-dimensional field where emotions, narratives and why not reflections can flourish.